When you buy women’s underwear or shop for comfy men’s underwear, you don’t think much about the details—until you wear the underwear a few times. From riding up and rolling down to being too tight in some places and not tight enough in others, ill-fitting, uncomfortable underwear can have you spending your day tugging annoyingly at and rearranging your underwear every time you move.

Four Apparel understands that high-quality men’s underwear and designer underwear for women don’t have to exchange comfort or quality for high-end apparel, and the perfect pair of underwear for you is more fact than fiction. So if you’re chasing the unicorn of high-quality, comfortable underwear, this post dispels some underwear myths and gives you the details you need to get just the right fit for you.

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How Do I Know If My Underwear Doesn’t Fit?

Comfort plays a huge role in underwear. Not only do you not want to be tugging at it all day, but you also don’t want such excessive support that you feel like you can’t breathe. So before you start looking for a new pair of underwear, first you need to decide if your current undergarments work for you. You can check for these signs of a bad fit:

  • Too tight or loose: You may think this sounds obvious, but, especially if you’ve shelled out a lot of money, you may keep wearing underwear that fits well in most places but not So really take a look and see whether your underwear is too tight or too loose anywhere. Common problem areas besides the most obvious—your waist—would be the leg holes. If your underwear is leaving marks behind, your underwear is too tight. If your briefs wear more like boxers, then the fit is too loose.

  • Bulging skin: If your sides seem to be hanging over your underwear, your underwear doesn’t fit you correctly. If you normally don’t have love handles or a muffin top, but you see them after donning your undergarments, your underwear doesn’t’ fit you properly.

  • Lack of or too much support: Whether you want underwear for lounging or need it to have staying power all day long, you should feel the right level of consistent support all day long. Your underwear shouldn’t start out comfy and then ease up later in the evening. Your underwear also shouldn’t have you feeling confined either. So consider how it feels when you first put it on and then how it feels when you take them off. You shouldn’t be pulling them into place throughout the day or fidgeting them out of spots you don’t want them to crawl into either.

  • Makes you sweat: High-quality underwear for men and designer underwear for women should wick moisture away from your body so that you stay comfortably dry all day and night long. Staying dry not only keeps you from wearing embarrassing sweat marks but also keeps your skin healthy and avoids irritation. No matter how cute underwear looks, it won’t look good or feel good if it’s dripping in sweat.

Four Apparel offers a full line of comfortable, high-quality underwear for men and designer underwear for women that keep you in comfort all day long. Made with recycled polyester, Four Apparel makes underwear with sustainability in mind, giving you the peace of mind that while your underwear offers comfort and breathability it also leaves a smaller carbon footprint than other brands.

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How Do I Get the Right Fit for My Underwear?

If you want more out of your underwear, you may be wondering what affects the fit. First, read through some common myths about underwear to keep your buying on track:

  • Myth 1: Cotton breathes better than other fabrics.
    Cotton does breathe, but it doesn’t wick away moisture. So if you’re wearing a few layers, hanging out on a hot day, or working out, your cotton underwear will likely not dry out completely, leading to irritation or bacteria growth.

  • Myth 2: Cute underwear can’t be comfortable.
    You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or quality for a nice-looking pair of underwear. Four Apparel offers vibrant prints and fun colors that don’t fade with washing or wearing. So you can get both comfort as well as quality
  • Myth 3: Your shape determines your style.
    No matter what your shape, you can find comfortable, all-day underwear through Four Apparel. Sizing properly ensures you get an excellent fit, and all shapes can find welcoming comfort in the fashions created by Four Apparel.

If you want to be sure you get the right fitting underwear that stays in place and feels comfy all day, follow these tips:

  • Measure twice, buy once. Always take accurate measurements of your waist and hips before buying underwear. In fact, ask a friend to help. Measure a couple of times to be sure you’ve taken accurate measurements then compare that to the size chart. Measure your waist at the narrowest part above the hip bone and below the ribcage, and then measure at the widest part of your hips. When buying high-quality underwear from Four Apparel, always size up for just the right fit because their sizing runs a bit small.

  • Be mindful that fabric affects the fit. High-quality underwear may be seen by just a few people, but it affects how your clothes look and how you feel when wearing them. Think of your underwear as your foundation. If your underwear is made from heavier fabrics like cotton, they could grip your clothes, making you yank and rearrange your clothing every time you get up or move around. So making sure you have high-quality fabrics like those that make up the undergarments created by Four Apparel means you have a flexible fit that moves with you.

  • Understand the quality. Typically, people wear underwear until it literally wears out, but if you know the quality of what you’re getting, you not only know what you’re paying for but also you can depend on it to last. Four Apparel makes high-quality men’s and women's underwear designed with comfort and durability in mind. Made with care and made to last, you can count on Four Apparel to give you comfortable underwear with an excellent fit and in exciting styles. With Four Apparel, you can be sure to feel comfortable wearing them under your clothes or simply wearing them to lounge around in.

Good-fitting underwear not only makes you feel more confident but also adds comfort to your day. With Four Apparel, not only can you be confident that your underwear does something good for the Earth but also you can be confident that your underwear will fit well, feel great, and look good, too.