Fast fashion has impacted the environment that the slow fashion movement has gained ground, courting customers with sustainable clothing and lower carbon footprints, but you may be wondering what benefits eco-friendly clothing, like the breathable undergarments for men and women by Four Apparel, offers.

Sustainable brands like Four Apparel use sustainable practices and fabrics, including recycled polyester, which Four Apparel uses in its high-quality undergarments for men and women. Recycled polyester keeps this fabric out of the landfill and gives it a second chance while giving the Earth a better chance at sustainability. This post explains how you can take part in the sustainable movement and what benefits sustainable clothing has to offer.

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Sustainable Clothing Helps the Earth

Sustainable clothing isn’t a gimmick. Sustainable clothing began as a response to the fast fashion industry that began sacrificing the environment to create disposable clothing that sits in landfills, creating waste and increasing carbon emissions and waste.

Brands like Four Apparel seek to offer quality clothing that you love and won’t want or need to throw away. Made with sustainable fabrics or with sustainable methods, eco-friendly clothing uses any of the following best practices:

  • Made using less water: You may not think of water being needed for clothing, but clothing fibers come from somewhere, often a farm. Even the most sustainably grown cotton needs water to grow, but the recycled polyester used in Four Apparel’s undergarments uses much less water than other materials in the garment industry.
  • Utilizes recycled or eco-friendly fabrics: Four Apparel keeps plastic out of landfills by using recycled polyester in its sports underwear for women and workout underwear for men. The plastic recycling process that creates recycled polyester uses fewer fossil fuels than non-sustainable fabrics, resulting in fewer carbon emissions. Other eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton and hemp don’t offer the same breathable and anti-bunching features needed in undergarments, features that keep your skin dry and healthy.
  • Ships responsibly: Eco-friendly brands seek to produce clothing in areas close to home. In the same way that your local farmer’s market reduces the carbon footprint of food production, the same goes for clothing production. From avoiding overseas shipping to shipping products in recycled materials, sustainable brands reduce their carbon footprints throughout the shipping process.
  • Seeks to produce clothes in environmentally-conscious areas: Sustainable brands may cost a bit more, but you’re paying for quality and environmental consciousness. Although brands may get a sweet deal in other cities or even other countries, eco-friendly clothing tries to produce garments in areas that demand environmental measures be kept that protect the Earth.

Fast fashion cuts environmental corners to sell cheap clothes that not only aren’t made in environmentally friendly ways but also are quickly disposed of in landfills. Sustainable fashions may cost a bit more, but the premium you pay encourages brands to continue using environmentally conscious practices that better our world.

undergarments for women

How Sustainable Clothing Helps You

You pay a premium for sustainable clothing but think of it as an investment—an investment in you and the Earth. Sustainable clothing has always been equated with higher quality, and we explain the reasons why you can expect more from eco-friendly clothes:

  • Better for you: Sustainable clothing typically is made in a way that uses fewer if any harsh chemicals generally used throughout the manufacturing process. From start to finish, you get material that is healthier for you and your skin. The breathable recycled polyester in Four Apparel’s high-quality undergarments for men and women skips the oil extraction process used in traditional polyester and uses less energy overall, giving you high-quality healthy fabric to rest against your skin.
  • Needs less maintenance: Eco-friendly clothing offers easy maintenance and durability. In response to the fast fashion industry, slow fashion seeks to give you clothing that will last, and Four Apparel is no exception. Because it sits against your skin that naturally produces oil and constantly comes in contact with your clothes, underwear can take a beating on both sides. However, Four Apparel makes durable sports underwear for women and workout underwear for men. Even after multiple wears and washes, you get a durable undergarment that stays in place and doesn’t rise like traditional, fast fashion underwear.
  • Costs less: Sustainable clothing may cost more upfront, but it’s an investment in your future. Sustainable clothing costs less in the long run. When you buy quality undergarments for men and women from Four Apparel, you get undergarments that won’t fade or rip. Even after several washes and intense workouts, you get the same fit, look, and feel like the first day. This durability means you purchase undergarments less often, saving money in the long run. Additionally, paying a premium for sustainable clothing upfront means saving money on fixing potential damage to the Earth in the future.

Sustainable fashion offers benefits personal to you as well as global benefits. Slowing pollution, waste, and its climate-changing effects make eco-friendly clothing an obvious option. However, purchasing durable, high-quality clothes made under environmental best practices gives you the peace of mind that your clothes will last and can help the Earth last as well.

Four Apparel makes undergarments with you and your world in mind. Its long-lasting, high-quality undergarments for men and women not only give you excellent workout underwear—underwear that is breathable and that stays in place—but Four Apparel uses sustainable, recycled polyester that keeps your skin dry and healthy and helps promote environmental sustainability.