We are a new upcoming clothing company based out of Northern California,USA . Our name is F.O.U.R , a acronym that stands for (future of unique revolution). This brand was established and inspired by all the tragic activities that happened in the year 2020 from covid 19, police injustice, Australian fires etc with hopes that something beautiful can come out of the horrific year while also encouraging any other entrepreneurs that if we made a successful business at 1 of the most harsh times in history, they can too. We started out selling clothes out of our trunk and featuring in other peoples pop ups to get recognition.


We would like our clothing to make people feel comfortable to and also a reflection as to who a person is on the inside, by showing a lot of diverse character in the artwork we apply to our clothing, with a overall goal of inspiring and bringing people together by expressing there emotions, thoughts, and perspectives on life in a artistic way without having to say it. We are not one dimensional when it comes to our fan base, as we will include products and designs that target everyone around the world, including all cultures and religions.